This page is dedicated to aircraft Fokker Dr.1 Dreidecker, which is part of the KNIGHTS OF THE SKY, which offers air shows full of exciting spectacle of historic air combat fighter aircraft and static displays. Our pilots and extras are in period costumes (

and we provide pyrotechnic effects on land and in the air. Our aircraft is powered by a powerful radial engine brand by Verner.




7.5.2016 DOBRÁ Rytíři nebes 30.4.-1.5.2016 PLASY Den ve vzduchu: odkaz zde 26.5.2016 HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ VIP Auto Kelly 28.-29.5.2016 PARDUBICE Aviatická pouť 4.6.2016 NYMBURK Letecký den Nymburk ...still in progress, on Facebook see HERE
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First display in abroad

MOTOPARALOTNIOWE SLALOMOWE MISTRZOSTWA ŚWIATA Here, you will gradually find photos and videos from our first flight events abroad where we grapple with bad weather and crossing mountains. video link:
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On June 4, 2015 carried out the maiden flight by test pilot p.Ptáček with Fokker Dr.1 aircraft with registration OK-UAA 90. This brand new aircraft is in the category of ELSA and is powered by Verner Scarlett 7. All observers were captivated over his performance and sound! Many thanks for great...
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Premiere of the year

XXV. SLET LETADEL NYMBURK 2015 ....This year it will be the first air show, which will see the Flying Circus of Martin Kindernay simulating dogfights of The great War aircraft. Link:
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If you love the atmosphere of fighter fights on a large area, then you will choose this airshow at Pardubice. For the first time at the Aviaticka pout you can see duo '' KNIGHTS OF THE SKY '' Link:
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